Dr. Giovanni Mauri

Listed as World’s Top 2% Scientists: Stanford University

Dr. Giovanni Mauri

Interventional Radiologist, IEO Istituto Europeo di Oncologia
Assistant Professor of Radiology, Università degli Studi di Milano

Ablation Specialties


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Thyroid: Renowned for thyroid ablation, Dr. Mauri champions non-surgical treatments, enhancing patient comfort and recovery while minimizing postoperative complications.


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Kidney: Dr. Giovanni Mauri excels in kidney ablation, applying minimally invasive techniques to treat kidney tumors, enhancing patient recovery and outcomes.


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Liver: Dr. Mauri specializes in advanced liver ablation techniques, focusing on minimally invasive procedures to treat liver cancers effectively.


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Lung: Expert in lung ablation, Dr. Mauri uses innovative, less invasive methods for treating lung diseases, emphasizing patient safety and recovery.

About Dr. Giovanni Mauri

Dr. Giovanni Mauri, recognized as a top 2% scientist by Stanford University, is a leading figure in radiology and interventional radiology based in Milan, Italy. Inspired by his father, a radiologist, Mauri developed a passion for minimally invasive medical procedures, particularly in ablation techniques. His notable work in thyroid ablation distinguishes him in the medical community, emphasizing less invasive treatments with significant patient benefits. Acknowledged for advancing ablation practices in Italy, Dr. Mauri’s contributions have shaped the landscape of thyroid cancer treatment, reflecting his commitment to innovation, patient-centered care, and medical education.


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