Dr. Giovanni Mauri Presents on Thyroid Ablation at AOCR 2024

At the 22nd Asia Oceanian Congress of Radiology held from March 22-25, 2024, in Taipei, Taiwan, Dr. Giovanni Mauri showcased the latest advancements in thyroid ablation. Organized by the Chinese Taipei Society of Radiology, this year’s congress emphasized “The Precision of Radiology,” a theme that echoed throughout the sessions, including Dr. Mauri’s presentation.

A leading figure in interventional radiology, Dr. Mauri, from the European Institute of Oncology in Milan, provided a detailed overview of the techniques and patient outcomes associated with thyroid ablation, particularly radiofrequency and microwave ablation. His talk highlighted these methods as less invasive alternatives to surgical interventions for treating small thyroid cancers, focusing on their benefits such as shorter recovery times and minimal complications.

The session also delved into the role of advanced imaging technologies in enhancing the precision of these treatments and the potential integration of artificial intelligence to further improve accuracy and safety.

Dr. Mauri’s contribution was well received by the medical community present, spurring discussions on the integration of these techniques into broader clinical practice and the importance of continued innovation and education in radiological treatments.

For colleagues interested in further information or collaboration, Dr. Mauri can be contacted through his professional profile on his www.giovannimauri.com.

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